Luxury fitted picnic hampers and fine bone china
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The Highland Rose


For one of our latest picnic hampers - The Highland Rose - I chose some very pretty china in green and gold with roses and flowers to complement the lovely green and violet tartan lining of the Hamper.  But before deciding on its name I thought I better do a little research to see if the Scottish Highlands and roses are a god match. Turns out they are...

There is in fact a rose named "The Scottish Highlands" created by James Coler and Sons of Aberdeen.  In 1841 James Coler left his job as gardener at Castle Fraser after refusing to work on the Sabbath, and set up a horticultural business.  His son James, and his three grandsons William, Alexander and James all followed into the family firm.

Their" Scottish Highlands" rose has  a strongly scented orange flower, and is still sold today in the USA by Heirloom Roses... Scottish Roses are a romantic survival of a little known horticultural fashion - one the province of wealthy landowners they became popular cottage garden plants. The "Andrewsii" is a pink Rose Spinosissma - a scottish cultivar close in appearance to the roses on the tea plates in out hamper. 

So a fitting name indeed......

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