We offer:

    • Steamed Willow fully fitted  picnic hampers  - some with the lovely touch of pretty vintage china 
    • Tweed willow chiller & party baskets
    •  Garden and Home accessories
    • Traditional soft toys
    • Scarves and quilts in handprinted Indian cottons
    • Waterproofed backed traditional Tweed picnic rugs

We hope you enjoy browsing our lovely range

A little history

From the mid 16th century imported Chinese Porcelain was highly prized in Europe and its production method a closely guarded secret. The German Meissen factory first unlocked the formula in Europe in 1708 and the first English success came in 1748 in Thomas Frye’s factory in Bow, East London.

By 1750 there were  130 potteries in Staffordshire and by the end of the century Josiah Spode had perfected the process of making what came to be know as bone china at his factory in Stoke - using bone ash and white clay from Cornwall, fired in the heat of Staffordshire coal.

In 1791 the East India Company announced it would no longer be importing Chinese Porcelain – and for almost 200 years fine bone china produced in and around Stoke on Trent became an almost exclusively English product. - and we love to use it in our hampers today